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About us

              Our Arulmigu Ayyappan Nataka Mandram is started in 1981. We are successfully running this for 32 years. Our Team is performing Theru Koothu and Folk drama. In this regard we had a good experience with folk drama by performing in various villages of Tamil Nadu. For instance epic of Ramayana and Mahabharatha. Also we do plays based on historical and novels. From the year of 1985 we stepped in to protect the Traditional Folk art Theru Koothu of our generation. We are planning to implement and develop this both art forms. So we registered Cultural Communication Development Educational Training Trust for the purpose to develop Koothu and Folk Drama. We are giving training, combine with other groups and various cultural organisations to implement this art form world wide.


Promoting traditional folk and ritual theatre form                “theru-koothu” worldwide


Under taking of action - oriented area specific, people centered, sustainable social development activities through the ritual theatre.

Director - Singara Shanmugam

Director’s awards


» Promotion of Social awareness through our folk media

» To save and promotion of art & culture,folk dances &     theatre media among  the social awareness

» To teach and provide training courses to Artisans    concerned all levels

» To establish a institution named CCDETT imparting    teaching training's in the field  of arts and culture

» Creating awareness in the schemes provided from our    government social & culture Departments

» Maintaining grants for establishing

» Render assistance to the poorer section

» Conducting folk festivals

» Utilising funds for awareness for the rural deprived