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Perfomances 2013-2014

April -2- Performed vaalimotcham play at alapakkam village of kanchipuram district.

April -6- Vaalimotcham an  episode of Ramayana performed at Karandhai village of Cheyyar taluk.

April -14-Alavandha raja durai performed for tamil new year day in siruvkkam village of kanchipuram village.

April -14 to May 15-  One month continuous performance at sirukaveripakkam block and sitlapakkam block of kanchipuram district  invited our team to perform “Uzhavar peruvizha” by tamil nadu Agricultural Department .

April -20- Amman temple festival at keerasathu village of arcot taluk performed “dhasavatharam”.

April -25- Chitra pournami (Full moon day) performed ar Ponniyamman Pattarai.Full night play of Amman Charithram Singavagana devi.

April -26- Performed Narayana perumal Kovil Kumbabishedam play called BhagthrPrahartha.

April -30- Arcot (tk) Chinnakeesakuppan Amman  village festivel performed Alavandha raja durai.

May -1- Vandavasi Maanthangal village Vallalar festival performed singavagana devi.

May -2- Perunagar village Uthiramerur(tk),performed Dasavadharam in perumal kovil temple fesivals

May -6- Kalayanamedu village Utjiramerur(tk) our team performed Amman Kovil festival perfofmed Dasavadharam.

May -11-Performed Vaalimotcham at jaderi Village of cheyyar(tk), in a death ceremony.

May -12- Vellore district of Sathamdurai village performed for the Amman temple festival.

May -15- Ramar Pattabhishekam performed for the Anjaneya temple festival at Kiliyathur village of Cheyyar taluk.

May -16- Dindivanam Kilsviri  Village festival our team performed Alavandha raja durai.

May -19- Amman temple festival in Karunakara Cheri of Uthiramerur block performed Muppiravi an episode of Ramayana.

May -21- Gingee(tk) Jeyan kondan village temple car festival performed Muppiravi.

May -24- Kuzapandhai village of Cheyyar (tk) Tamil montha Vaikasi full moon day performed Muppiravi.

May -25.26- Kodakaramoolai of Nagapattinam destrict Sirkazhi Tk performed Ramar Pattabhishekam, singavagana devi.

May -29- Vaalimotcham play performed for a death ceremony at kilai Village of Sriperumpudar Taluk.

May -31- Social Noval Arangetram at ponna mangalam village Arcot(tk).

June -2- Vandavasi (tk),Kovalai village temple festival performed temple festival performed Dasavadharam.

June -4- Kilalavadan village of Arakonam Taluk performed Manniley oru Vennila social play.

June -5- Dindivanam Sevoor village performed Dasavadharam.

June -6- Uthiramerur(Tk),Kadambara kovil village performed Vanniyapuranam (history of the caste Vanniyar birth)

June -14- Kanchipuram(Tk) Baluchittu chathram Mahabharatha festival performed Muppiravi.

June -18- Naduvanthangal village of Singavagana devi performed.

June -26- Vaalimotcham performed at Pillaichathiram.

June -30- kanchipuram(tk) Siruvakkam village festival performed Manniley oru Vennila.

June -9- Uthiramerur Taluck Kammalapoondi Amman village festival performed singavagana devi.

June -11- Madhuranthagam(Tk) Thenneripattu Amman village festival Sempoondi village Utr(tk) village festival performed Dasavadharam.

June -17- Arcot(tk),Katharikuppam Surasamharam performed.

June -19- Cheyyar(tk),Erumaivetti village Tamil month Aadi performed Renukambal Charithram.

July -21- Cheyya town housing board performed Manniley oru vennila noval play.

July -22- Cheyyar taluk vedal village performed vaalimotcham for the death ceremony.

July -26-Pulikoradu village of Madhuranthagam(tk) performed Muppiravi(Episode of Ramayana)

July -27- Melmalayanut Kilbennathur village performed Vaalimotcham for the death ceremony.

July -28- Vayalur village of Uthiramerur(tk) performed Manniley oru vennila.

July -29- Cheyyar(tk),Dusi village performed Vanniayapuranam.

August -1- Vengodu village of cheyyar(tk)death ceremony performed Manniley oru vennilanoval play.

August -2- Timmiri Taluk Mazhaiyur village performed Sivagangai thirumanam.

August -3- Cheppauk of Chennai performed Aadithiruvizha performed Singavnagana devi

August -4- Arakonam tk Ondikudisai village performed Singavnagana devi.

August -5- Polur taluk Pudupalayam village performed Sivagangai thirumanam

August -10- Arni taluk Kalampur village performed noval play.

August -12- Chennai Nerkundram patel road Amman temple festival performed Singavnagana devi.

August -13- Uthiramerur towm temple performed Singavnagana devi

August -18- Chennai Maduravayal temple festival performed Singavnagana devi.

August -20- Cheyyar(tk_) Kazhanipakkam Death ceremony performed Vaalimotcham.

August -21,22 – Gingee taluk C.N. Palayam Amman village festival manniley oru vennila,  Singavnagana devi.

August -25- Amman village festival at Cheyyar(tk),Pattipulamvillage our team organized Folk performances Therukoothu Thappattam supported by Kalaimamani Padma subramaniyan.

August -28- Vandavas(TK) Kodanllur village people celebrated krishnajayanthi our group performed Krishna vijayam.

August -31- Ramanujar history developed and making documentary by Mr.Ramani.This documentary shooted at Sriperumpudur,Chennai Ramapuram,Namakkal,Kumbakonam our group leader Mr.Shanmugam and Shiva acted in the documentary.

Sep. 1- A village festival celebrated at Harikarapakkam of cheyyar tk performed Singavagana devi.

Sep. 4- Balakandapuram of cheyyar Tk performed vaalimotcham in  a death ceremony.

Sep. 9-  Cheyyar tk Thozuppedu motturvillagers celebrated vinayagar chathurthi performed Manniley oru vennila.

Sep. 10- Noval villagers of cheyyar performed in a death ceremony.

Sep. 14- Performed Singavagana devi in tambaram.

Sep. 21- Karippur village Of Arni (tk) perumal kovil celebration performed Bhaktha praharatha.

Sep. 28- Jaderi village of Cheyyar Tk celebrated 2nd  Saturday perumal kovil performed Manniley  oru vennila.

Oct. 5- 3rd Saturday perumal kovil vizha at moranam village of Cheyyar (TK).

Oct. 6- Usual Arangetram at perunagar.

Oct. 14- Vijayadasami celebration at Seleri village of Cheyyar (tk) performed Manniley oru vennila,

Oct. 15- Chennai all India Radio recording Aravan Kalapli, Sundaru marriage ,Therukoothu.

Oct. 25- Maanthagal Village of Cheyyar (tk) Amman temple festival performed Muppiravi

25- Bharat Nirman visual Organization and All India Radio organized folk forms like poikal kuthirai (Dummy horse), Kokkalikattai, Thapattam, Mayil and Eruthu central ship minister G.k.Vasan participated in the function.

Dec 25 to 30 – South Indian Heritage centre Dakshin chitra organized village heritage festival our Therukoothu team performed  4 shows per a year. This was appreciated by the town audience.

Jan 19- Dharmapuri district Adhiyaman kottai our team performed Samboorna Harichandra for the Dr.M.G.R memorial day.

Jan 26-Hoisted flag at sethupattu village distributing sweets to children.

Jan 29-Cheyyar(Tk) Jaderi village people celebrated Amman temple festival performed Bhaktha praharatha.

Feb 7- Thai kiruthikai performed at Athi of T.V.Malai district Thakkanyagam play performed.

Feb 21,22,23- Performed at Trichy organized by Puthiya thalaimurai Television media.

Feb 27- Chennai P.V.Thottam Maha shivaratri performed Kurai theerpal Anagalaparameswari .

March 08- International Womans Day disussed the Womens problem & issues with local Sethuppttu self help group Womens.

March 11- Performed at All India Radio play called Rukmani kalyanam,Rajasuyayagam.

March 31-Performed at Sethupattu village of kanchipuram Dist. Rukmani kalyanam.