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* Collaborating with National Folklore Supporting centre and Koothu - p - pattarari organised perfomances    in Mahabharata

* Our group performed Therukoothu in a film called “ Manasukkul Mouna Ragam”

* Our group performed Theru koothu in front of the students from Norway University an Hielelberg    University of Germany

* About 100 folk performers organised to perform Ramayana which is sponsored by Department of Art and    Culture

* Trained NCC students from Food Corporation of India and went with the to Delhi for a perfomance in    Military Campus

* Performed “Padma Sooran” in a festival at Kanchipuram organised by Department of Tamil Development

* Participated in Workshop at Adhi Sakthi lboratory with the Folk artists from all over India

* Performed “Kandapuranam” (history of Lord Muruga) in a temple premises in Kanchipuram

* Our team done perfomances at Madras Christians College at Chennai

* Our actors team trained students from Mahalakshmi Matriculation for a play called “ Sundari   Thirukalyanam ”

* Dakshin Chitra Cultural Heritage Centre located in Chennai often organising our team to perform Theru    koothu

* Sowbhoomi Heritage Centre from Calcutta organised one week cultural festival in their premises. Our    team to performed Theru Koothu

* Our team performed a religious play organised by Triplicane Parthasarathy Temple

* Participated and performed in Events like :-

Heritage India, Folk Festival, Human Rights, World Environment Day,

International Women’s day, T.B Day, Independence Day, Onam Festival,

Gandhi Jayanthi, Ayudha Puja, Fire walking ritual, Thai poosam, Pankuni Uttiram

Special Perfomances